Hello world, and Welcome to my Madness!


Hello Everyone!

This is my very first post, and definitely my very first blog! Not very computer savvy these days so I apologies on the dull and low quality of the blog. As I go along I hope to figure out how to jazz this baby up a bit more, not only so it is more user friendly, but also more eye appealing as well.

So, What is Dusty’s Calculated Madness. Why did I decide to make a blog, what am I taking the time out of my day to do this when I could be eating or looking at foodporn haha. First and foremost I am doing this to share and spread knowledge about subjects that I love. Food being first are most important, but I also hope to share training related articles, workouts, general fitness stuff, humor, books, music, life in general, cause at the end off the day everything gets counted into my Daily Madness. Without one thing, there may not be another so everything plays a part. I also hope to build a vast archive of recipes, tips, tools, reviews, and more for not only myself but all of you to refer to that might cure a sweet tooth, improve mobility, find out about a new book, or know if the new smores oreo’s are good or not. (yes, yes they are).

I have know prior schooling for any of this, and barely have used a compute since high school, so please bare with me as it will be a learning experience for both of us!

I will make a “Get to know the author” post soon enough!

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